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    Shenzhen JOSUN Electronics Technologies Co., Ltd. is a famous enterprise in China dealing in agent passive electronic components.

     JOSUN is currently the authorized level 1 agent or dealer of such domestic and foreign well-known companies as Samsung, Panasonic, APAQ, MATSUKI, EYANG, ST, Fairchild, GMT, REALTEK, Zhenhua, HEC, RALEC, KEMET, VISHAY, AVX, LISION, etc. The products include both active and passive components, dozens of product types, and tens of thousands of models in stock. We have a professional website and a huge product database, and provide a package of services for customers from product information to product solutions, product selection, supply guarantee, logistics service, etc. We also have the ability of independent research and development of various application modules, such as wireless module, GPS module, automatic warehousing, etc. JOSUN is developing towards sale of agent components, assistance in developing solutions for customers, and system integration.

     Through the rapid development in a few years, the Company has gradually expanded the scale, increased the product lines and agent brands, and expanded the market from the Pearl River Delta region to the whole country and even the foreign market. The application fields of the products have been extended to the military industry, vehicle-mounted products, security, LED, computer, network communication, HD player, electrical equipment, etc.

     By following the principle of “Customer First” and insisting on the one-stop service tenet of excellent quality, professional technical support, sincere and considerate service, timely delivery, etc., JOSUN has a number of valued customers and has won the trust, support and thumbs-up of customers, with the sales growing by 30%~50% every year. Particularly the leading products, such as semi-conductor, PCB, capacitance, electric resistance, electrical inductance, modules developed and manufactured independently, etc., have achieved gratifying results several times.

      Being dashing and spirited, JOSUN is striding forward to the goal of becoming a first-class agent. In addition, according to its strength and market distribution, JOSUN has established several branches, including YUNGXIN TECH. (H.K.) CO., LIMITED which have different focuses of operation, thus supplements the business of JOSUN. JOSUN and its branches integrate their businesses to create a wide market commonly.

      JOSUN is poised for moving towards the goal of developing the brand JOSUN into a first-rate agency company.


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